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On March 15th 1953 , a group of  men got together for what was to be the first of many meetings for a new car club devoted to a love they all shared for old automobiles. The cars they owned weren't all classics, although some were…. They weren't all Fords or Chevrolets, although some were….. and many did not own cars at first…. Today some own many. It might have been a car that for others, was nothing more than a used automobile, but for that particular member it had something about it that brought back memories of day gone by. Since collecting automobiles was in it's infancy to say the least, these first members were pioneers in their hobby, and the Pioneer Auto Association was born. Today the Pioneer Auto Association or PAA is one of the oldest car clubs in the area. And just like the early pioneers who were not afraid to forge unexplored territories, the PAA is quite open to explore the unexplored avenues of our hobby. The best way to explore these paths is to meet and greet new members and chat with anyone that would be a prospective new member to this wonderful hobby we all love and share. It is from this exchange that makes our organization what it is today….FUN!!!

Below is a list of our usual meetings.

1. January, March and November 3rd Sunday - Business Meetings.

2. February 3rd Saturday - Banquet

3. April  2nd Sunday  - Business Meeting

4. April Last Full Week End

    a. Sat -  setup for Swap Meet And Car Show

   b. Sun - Swap Meet and Car Show ( Note: 1st was in 1963)

.5. May, June, July, September, October 3rd Sunday - Car Tours

6. August 3rd Sunday  - Picnic

7. December  - Christmas Party

8. Participate in Parades during the year